Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

How has your week been?  Mine has been great.  Here are some things I am thankful for.

My Church Calling
Seriously!  How fun is it to hang out with teenagers once a week and get to feel their spirits and ENERGY!  We went to In-N-Out burger together this week and I could not believe how much these skinny girls could eat!  Animal fries, double-doubles.... it was amazing!  What I would give for my 17 year old metabolism again!  After dinner we went over to the Institute Building at UNLV to learn about the Institute program and play some ping pong!

Oh it is seriously one of my favorite times of year.  I am so glad that Las Vegas gets spring sooner than most people!  The trees and flowers are in full bloom.  I even got a bangin' deal on daffodils at the grocery store this week!  $5 for 30 stems!  WHAT!  I am also thankful for that good deal!

The Temple

I am so thankful for the blessing it is to have a temple close to us.  Harrison and I went and did sealings again at the temple last weekend.  Wait- did I tell this story already?  I don't remember.  Anyway- we always go to the temple at about the same time on Saturdays.  When we are there to do sealings there is an older gentleman and an older lady there also doing sealings.  They are not married, but they are always there on Saturday at about noon to do sealings.  Well- we saw the sweet lady at the mall last Friday night and I asked her if we would see her the next day.  She said yes... and we did.  It is almost as if we are part of this little family.  It is neat.

Dillards had their semi-annual sale last weekend.  I scored an awesome pair of shoes for cheap.  They were like $130 and I got them for just over $14.  SOCORE!!!!!!  It was awesome!  I also got a pair of really hip Steve Madden tights for like $1.70.  So awesome.

My challenge to you is to find 10 things that you are thankful for right now and write them down.  You cannot have feelings of anger when you have a thankful heart.  I believe that.  Have a wonderful day!

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