Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon

I have all these thoughts in my head and I feel like I want to share them with someone... anyone... so I thought that I would share them with you.  I suspect that as soon as I share the weird stuff in my brain, some of you might become afraid of me.
But I hope not.
In some weird way, I hope that some of you think the same things as I do and you will feel right at home with my seemingly crazy thoughts.

Is it bad that I ask for extra Fuji Apple dressing when I go to Panera so that I can have a stash of it in my fridge?  This stuff is amazing!  Like OH MY GOSH amazing!  Sometimes I want to bathe in it.  Ok- that is extreme, but I really do want to dip everything in it!

My Cherry Coke from Target got me through the day today.  I shouldn't be drinking it anymore... and I have cut WAY back, but I was weak today and it really felt good to drink it.

Working with women cracks me up sometimes.  There are a couple of women that I work with who are just like clucking hens.  They get an idea in their minds or somebody rubs them a wrong way and they just can't let it go.  They "cluck, cluck, cluck" about it all afternoon.  Their laughs even sound like chickens!  It could be annoying, but I decided that I am just going to laugh.  I should record their "clucks" one day.

I am really bad at getting motivated to go to the gym.  I am really unhappy with the extra flab that has found it's way to my middle, but I just can't get my jiggly parts out the door to do something about it.  It is as if they have some sort of magnetic field and force that keeps me at home... on the couch... on the computer.  Way weird.  I need to get better at it.  Especially because I got a cute new pink gym bag that I haven't used once yet and I got it... like 2 months ago.

So Banana Republic is coming out with a second Mad Men collection.  I am pretty excited about it.  I wasn't able to get anything from the last line, so I hope to get something this time.  I really like the Mad Men series but I think the biggest reason I love it so much is because of the fashion.  DROOL.

I really like this song.  Like a lot.  It is Paper Planes by MIA.  I was singing it in my head and I thought to myself, "Self, we haven't heard this song for a while.  I want to hear it!" And not two minutes later the song came on my Pandora station!  WHA!?!?!  It was amazing.
Here is the link to the song.  I can't embed the video because it is disabled.  But go listen to it.  It is kind of violent... just an FYI.

MIA- Paper Planes

I love vintage paper.  Those of you that know me know this already.  I really do.  There is something about it that makes me very happy.  I ordered some vintage paper a week or so ago and this is what came.  It was a surprise as to what was in the actual pack and I am just pleased as punch!  I love it!

I am going to use some of this paper when I make the decorations for Harrison's Grandmother's 90th Birthday party.  I am going to make the ephemera birds that I made for one of my birthday party's a few years ago.  I also used them at Robyn's bridal shower a few years ago.  You can see them on the chalk board in the background.

I heard lots of jets and helicopters today.  They are all military airplanes.  I think I heard that they are running "red-eye" or "red-something" drills right now.  It always makes me secretly nervous when I see military air stuff flying around.  It makes me think that there is some sort of danger lurking in the distance.

Well- those are my thoughts right now.  Do they scare you?  I hope not.  I am gonna go to the gym tonight.  Seriously, I am!  Harrison has clients until semi-late tonight.  So I have the perfect opportunity to go to the gym by myself and get my body pump class on!

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