Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hello again friends.  How has your week been?  I hope you have things to be thankful for.  Here are the things I am thankful for:

Pretty Fabric
I love looking at fabric... especially pretty fabric.

Michaels Arts and Craft Store
I could seriously spend all of my time and all of my money in that place!  FO REAL!!  I went in for something specific and couldn't find it but I sure did find about a billion.... no.... a TRILLION things that I didn't need!  I stayed strong though.  I didn't spend a dime in that sinfully good store today.  I couldn't believe it!  The Valentines Day stuff was so-so.  There were a few awesome things but not a ton.

Income Tax Refunds
Who isn't thankful when they get a refund?  I am thankful for ours for sure.

My sister is awesome.  Actually- she is amaze-balls.  I have been able to talk to her every single day for the last month or so and it is really an awesome thing!  I am thankful for her spunk and her great personality.  I am also thankful for the ways that she shares small parts of her testimony with me.  AND- I am thankful that I have a family member who loves CATS as much as I do!  We decided that we may just need this shirt:

Out of Town Guests
Yeah- we had fun with Harrison's parents and cousin this weekend.  It is always a fun thing to go out to dinner and do things that you wouldn't normally do.  There isn't a thing about this last weekend that I wouldn't change... except for the fact that I felt like I needed to take too many naps.  Whats up with that?

Valentines Day
Have I been thankful for this already in the recent past?  Well- I am thankful for it.  It is my favorite holiday.  I love the decorations, the cards, the secret admirers, the colors, the chocolate, the hearts, the lips, the sugar, the out-to-dinners, the hugs, the gifts, the romance, and more.  It is seriously the best holiday in the world.

Find something that you are thankful for today and leave a comment telling me what that something is.  Remember- hateful feelings cannot reside in a thankful heart.  I believe that!

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