Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shark Attack

Last night was date night.  We ate dinner at Panera again... it is seriously addicting.  The Fuji Apple Chicken Salad is amazing.  I dream about it.  Anyway- after we ate, we went to Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Reef there.  I had not been to the exhibit for almost ten years before last night.  It was super fun.  We also got a locals discount on our tickets.  Man- those are the times that I truly LOVE living in Las Vegas!

It was super fun.  A great date night.  We stopped and sat in the shark part of it at the end.  We were just watching as the sharks and the big turtle swim around.  Then we realized we were the last people in the exhibit.

I seriously love sea life and learning about the ocean.  Maybe I should become a marine biologist or an oceanographer.  HHMM- something to think about.

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