Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wonderful Women

I have always been blessed with great people in my life.  Its no secret for those of you who know me that I don't have a lot of friends that are around my own age.  I usually gravitate towards ladies who are older than I am.  I love their wisdom.  I love that they are over the drama that comes along with being my age.  They are so comfortable with themselves.

These are a couple of those awesome women in my life.  They bring joy and a breath of fresh air into my life!

I work with Shellie.  She is amazing.  She has been with our office for like 12 years.  She is LDS and I am thankful for having that in common with each other.  She has all sorts of answers for me when I come into her office and ask her questions about anything!  Life, church, work, family, and everything else.  She has a really great husband too.  She is always positive and a very honest person.  I really love her.  Today we had a conversation that lasted about an hour.  She is a really good listener.  That is another thing that I love about her.

I work with Rose at church. She is the Young Women's president in our ward.  She is amazing.  She is perfect!  Hee Hee.  But really.  She seems to be just perfect.  She is the most soft spoken and angelic person ever!  She has such a strong testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She is also very funny and quick whited.  I really look up to her.  I told her that I wanted to be like her when I grew up.  She can tie anything into a gospel teaching or standard.  She is just amazing.  She is somebody that I know I could call at 3 in the morning if I needed something... she would answer and run right over!

I am thankful to be blessed with women like this in my life.  Wise and compassionate women.  Caring and honest women.  Women who just beam.  They teach me to be patient, kind, and loving.

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